“Keys to Running Successful Research Projects: All the Things They Never Teach You”

Kate Christian, Research Program Manager at Cure Cancer , has written a research management textbook, published by Elsevier under the Academic Press label.

It is available for sale at https://www.elsevier.com/books/isbn/9780128131343

Anyone wishing to buy a copy may (legitimately) use the author code ATR30 for a 30% discount at checkout.

Kate Book Cover Final.PNG

Kate wrote this book because young scientists need way more help than they usually receive to set up and run their new research labs or research projects.

The classic method is to soldier on, on the basis of the experience you have had during your PhD. While this is a valuable starting point, building a new lab or research project and serving as its sole head is a very different prospect from working with an established group which has senior students and support staff. Suddenly you are on your own, with the independence you have been longing for, but it is you who has to sort out all the problems and make all the decisions. It can be very scary and very bewildering.

Managing budgets, working out collaborator agreements, sorting out IP, promoting research, recruiting staff or study participants is generally outside the experience of early-career researchers. The dual pressures of having to publish and attract funding leave little time or inclination for attending professional development courses and acquisition of these “soft skills” is often neglected. This is unfortunate, because they really matter.

So, this book has been developed as a tool for researchers, particularly early-career researchers in the sciences and health sectors, to help them manage their research projects and their new teams.