Cure Cancer funds early-career researchers working in any aspect of cancer research, providing one or two years of ‘start-up’ project funding for researchers up to 7 years postdoc or MBBS. Over the years, we’ve learnt that the value of our grants is greatly enhanced when we give more than just money. With a minimal additional investment, we’re able to enrich the value of receiving our funding. We provide:

Annual Research Symposium

Our annual Research Symposium, attended by grantees past and present, provides current grant recipients an opportunity to meet their peers, start to establish networks and present their work as an invited speaker.

The program includes talks on aspects of professional development such as communicating your research or involving consumers in your work. Importantly, the grant recipients also hear from and meet the community fundraisers who enable us to fund their research. Find out more here

Mentoring Program

In 2017 we established a Cure Cancer Mentoring Program, offering mentors from our alumni group for every new grant recipient.

Researcher of the Year Award

Our annual Researcher of the Year Award is offered to recent grantees with the highest productivity in past 3 years.  In 2019 we will again offer 3 travel grants to the strongest applicants for Researcher of the Year. Find out more here.

Grant Review Committees

Once our alumni have gained a little more experience, we can offer the opportunity to sit on the Cancer Australia grant review panels to assess the next round of applicants.


We can assist our grant recipients with finding consumers to help with their research. This also provides our supporters with enriching, purposeful involvement with those researchers and their work.

Community Engagement

Thoughtful community engagement such as lab tours, our Researcher Showcase or focused corporate events gives early-career researchers opportunities to engage with non-scientists so that they can communicate their research and why it matters.